Year End Update

I can't believe it's almost February 2008 and I haven't updated the Blog since October 2007. Shame, shame on me.

Well let's see; what did Grateful We're Not Dead do during the last two months of 2007?

On November 2, we played three sets at the Tuk Tuk Thai House Restaurant in Vanier. It definitely was not our normal venue but we did have fun. A special thanks to Bernie from Prince Edward Island who came up and sang a few Hank Williams songs with us. As usual we played for food and water, so to speak. Al Owler sat in with us for the night. This is quite handy because Al is the only one young enough and strong enough to lift the equipment into the van at the end of the night.

In November, Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt attended a Peace Conference in Vancouver where they both presented papers. Evelyn's presentation included some of her poetry which she normally recites with an instrumental background. Don and Bruce recorded a CD of instrumental material for Evelyn to use use in her presentation and apparently it worked out quite well. If time permits I'll do a mix of some of the poems and make them available from the Blog.

On November 22, Grateful We're Not Dead played for the wedding reception of Jean and Michel, friends from Music Night. Unfortunately, Gord was sick that evening but Al sat in with us again. The venue was a group home and the entertainment co-ordinator expressed interest in us returning at a later date to entertain again.

On December 4th we entertained at the CESO Luncheon at the RA Centre. To quote their January newsletter:

"Delicious hot and cold hors d’oeuvres were served, courtesy of CESO Head Office. They were enjoyed by all. VA Gord Breedyk entertained with background music along with his ensemble of three guitars bearing the name “Grateful We’re Not Dead”. The other two were Don White and Bruce Penniston. Following the formal program, the group led a singsong of Christmas music. A merry and joyous first for the CESO Club."

On December 7, we did a short set at Ian Cunningham's retirement party. Ian is an old friend from our Public Works Canada days.

December 15 was the Music Night Christmas party. This party is hosted annually by Gord and Evelyn in the common room of their condo building. It's a great evening with a buffet lunch, drinks and a sing-a-long of Christmas music led by Marg Penniston. The music is provided by Grateful We're Not Dead, Marie Rakos on piano and anyone else who wants to sit in. This year we started at 7:00PM and finally pulled the plug at 11:00PM.

On December 29, Diane McIntyre hosted a dinner party for Grateful We're Not Dead and their spouses. Don's brother Doug and his wife, Leslie, were visiting from Kitchener. Doug brought his bass guitar and sat in with the group for the evening. This gave us a chance to do some material from back in the days when Don and Doug played throughout Lanark, Renfrew and Frontenac counties in the Mississippi River Boys. As a result, it looks like Grateful We're Not Dead will be adding some John Prine material to out repertoire.

And that pretty well wrapped up the year end.

On behalf of Grateful We're Not Dead I'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that you get to see us perform sometime in 2008.