We're Still Alive and Kicking

It's very seldom that Grateful We're Not Dead uses this blog seeing as most information in either posted on the Grateful We're Not Dead website and/or our Grateful We're Not Dead Facebook Fan Page. However, we still get some traffic to this site so we thought it wise to publish the following information here.
  • We are putting on a push to get more Likes on our Grateful We're Not Dead Facebook Fan Page. If you have a Facebook account, please feel free to drop by and click the Like button on the Fan Page. It will be much appreciated.
  • Grateful We're Not Dead entertained in Brockville at the Zoomer's Health and Lifestyle Expo on June 8, 2012. We set up a small video camera and the resulting, edited video is now on Youtube. 

If you've only been dropping by this site and thought we'd died off, we're pleased to announce that we're still alive and kicking and hope to see you at a Grateful We're Not Dead show sometime in the future.