Grateful We're Not Dead T-Shirt and Sticker

If you want to be amongst the best-dressed tens and tens of Grateful We're Not Dead fans, check out our new Grateful We're Not Dead T-shirt. All Grateful We're Not Dead fans are wearing them. Well, at least Gord, Bruce, Al and Don.

Got a hankering to plaster stickers over everything you own, then what you need is the Grateful We're Not Dead sticker. Feel free to buy as many as you like. Stick them on your books, laptop, guitar, pickup truck, baseball cap, rifle case, whatever. Use it as a bumper sticker. Even stick one on your forehead. Show 'em you're a big Grateful We're Not Dead fan.

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Have fun and see you again,


Exposing Grateful We're Not Dead

Is this a new trend for Grateful We're Not Dead? Are we planning a major costume change?  Will we be baring it all for charity? Is there a Nude Grateful We're Not Dead calendar in your future? Only time will tell. But we decided to test the market with a small sample of what may come. And good ol' Gord was willing to make the sacrifice for the band. So without further ado here it is:

Gord Bared

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for further developments!!!

By the way, here's what we look like with clothes on. 

The choice is yours!!!