Grateful We're Not Dead: The Videos

"They're gonna put me in the movies.
They're gonna make a big star outta me."

Well not really a hope in Hell of that.

However, Grateful We're Not Dead now have a bunch of videos up on Youtube. When we performed at St. Paul's University on February 16 for the Women Building Peace conference we were captured for posterity on video. We obtained a DVD copy of the concert video and extracted the relevant clips featuring Grateful We're Not Dead. Those video clips are now on Youtube. If you are at all interested in seeing us in action then just pop on over to the Grateful We're Not Dead Youtube account and subject yourself to the experience of a lifetime.

And if you're not so inclined to visit us over there, then here's a little sample to whet your appetite or totally destroy it.

The groupies can line up to the left.

Weez b on U2b

As most of you know, Grateful We're Not Dead entertained at the COAT's protest against the 2009 CANSEC Arms Show at Lansdowne Park. The performance was in Southminster United Church, Ottawa on May 27, 2009. Musical entertainment was also provided by Just Voices and The Raging Grannies.

One of the selections by Grateful We're Not Dead was As One, written by Geri Childs, an Ottawa jazz singer currently living in Seattle. We would like to give a great big Grateful We're Not Dead hug and thank you to Geri for giving us permission to use her song. We would also like to thank Bill Clennett for posting a video of the performance on Youtube.

So without further ado, here is the Grateful We're Not Dead video. Enjoy or not.

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Over the last week I've been scouring the hard drives for photos that we might have of Grateful We're Not Dead and friends. These are pictures that have been taken at various functions on everything from point-and-shoots to cell phones. Some are good and some are so-so. I've uploaded as many as I could locate. Now if you're willing to take the chance of possibly going blind or, in the case of the ladies, swooning when gazing upon our inordinately handsome visages then drop on over to the Grateful We're Not Dead Flickr account.
Original Grateful We're Not Dead
Original Members: Gord, Bruce and Don

What We've Been Up To

Where has the time gone. I planned on updating this blog back in mid-March but the plans of mice and men... etc.

OK. Let's see. What has Grateful We're Not Dead done since the beginning of the year. March and April were busy by our standards. Us old timers don't want to be tied down too much to this fame and fortune thing especially when we're at the age where we'd appreciate the services of a roadie more than those of a groupie. (Gord just told me to speak for myself).

Monday, February 9
The band entertained the residents of Park Lane on Merivale Road. This was a slightly early Valentine's Party and the music provided tended to of a more romantic theme than raunchy.

Monday, February 16
The band was part of the entertainment at a concert held at St. Paul's University for the Women Building Peace conference. Many talented artists performed that night including Christina Marchant and friends, Evelyn Voigt and Peggy Friday, Kristine St. Pierre, Ross McNaughton and Marguerite Bilodeau. Grateful We're Not Dead performed a number of songs as well as providing backup vocals and instrumental accompaniment for the poetry of Evelyn Voigt.

Grateful We're Not Dead
Christina MarchantPeggy FloridaEvelyn Voigt
Ross McNaughtonMarguerite Bilodeau

Saturday, February 28
Grateful We're Not Dead joined with the improv comedy group, Something's Missing, to entertain at a dinner and comedy night, Desperate For Laughs?, at the Perth Civitan Club in Perth, Ontario. The evening was sponsored by Something's Missing and the Civitan Club as a joint fund raiser in support of Perth Community Support Service and Perth Union Library Kindergarten Reading Program. The band provided instrumental material prior to the dinner and then played a set of their boobs and beer music during the show.From the laughter it appeared that the material was well received.

Saturday, April 4
The beginning of April provided Grateful We're Not Dead with an interesting experience. We were one of the two bands booked to play for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Stuart and Joyce White in the Carleton Place Community Center. (Stuart and Don are first cousins). That night we had the pleasure of working with the Bowes Brothers, an extremely popular country band out of Carleton Place.

Grateful We're Not Dead does not normally work with a drummer as we usually play shows instead of dances. However, that night we had the good fortune to have another cousin of Don's, Dave White, sit in on the drums for our first set. (Thanks, Dave)

Grateful We're Not Dead

Saturday, April 18
For the third year in a row GWND became the ad-hoc house band for a night of entertainment for St. Brigid's Parish. This year the event was held at the church hall in Enniskerry, Ontario.

Thursday, April 23
One thing you can never turn down is an invitation to perform for 200 women. The Perth Lionesses invited Grateful We're Not Dead to entertain at their Spring Fling in support of the Perth and District Memorial Hospital fund . The band played instrumentals while the ladies arrived, bought their drinks and got settled at their tables.

This event was an evening of enjoying drinks, home made desserts and comedy. The only men present were the bar tenders, servers, one comedian and of course, Grateful We're Not Dead. The other entertainment included a lady clown and three standup comedians from the improv group Something's Missing. Grateful We're Not Dead was the final act and we started our show with a bit of a handicap: the organizers had asked us to not play Puking in the Parking Lot. Seems they were worried about all the drinks and dessert that the ladies had consumed. However, we did include most of our other "Socially Significant" songs including Grateful We're Not Dead, Over Sixty Blues, At Least Once Every Minute, Ain't Never Gonna Do That Again. And of course, we finished the night with J.D. Wilson's Boob Song. I can only imagine what some of these ladies were thinking as we performed, seeing as the entertainment for the previous two years had been the author, Mary Cook.

At the beginning of the evening, the Lionesses had given us an envelope containing $100 to cover travelling expenses. In order to not destroy our reputation of only playing for food and beer, the band donated the money to the hospital fund at the end of the evening. We quite enjoyed the evening, ladies, and hope to see you again.

Perth Lionesses 2009 Spring Fling

Saturday, April 25
Grateful We're Not Dead entertained at a spaghetti supper in the hall at Pierce's Corners held as a fund raiser for the Ottawa Valley Aid to Chernobyl Children. We must have been well behaved because they've booked us to entertain at a chicken dinner on Canada Day in North Gower.
GWND at Pierce's Corners

Wednesday, May 27
The band provided the sound system and some music at COAT's protest against the 2009 CANSEC Arms Show. Protest was held at Southminster United church in Ottawa. Music was also provided by Just Voices and The Raging Grannies.

Poster Advertising COAT's Protest

Grateful We're Not Dead appears for 12 seconds at the 48 second mark. Also for 32 seconds at the 1 min 32 second mark providing backup accompaniment to Ottawa poet, Evelyn Voigt. Originally, the band's name was spelled incorrectly in the video but the videographer, Bill Clennett, quickly corrected the error and posted a new version. (Thanks, Bill).

Of course, along with these outings we've also attended the monthly Music Nights hosted by Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt.

So that's what Grateful We're Not Dead has been up to for the last few months. And I see that it's way past my 9 o'clock bedtime so I better find my groupie and hit the sack.