Ariel Court Canada Day Street Party 2008

On July 1, Judy Kingsbury hosted the 5th Annual Ariel Court Canada Day Street Party. As usual Grateful We're Not Dead were on hand to entertain the seventy or so participants. Unfortunately, Al couldn't be with us this year so it was just Bruce, Gord and Don in the limelight. The big disappointment of the day was the fact that the bylaw officer didn't show up during the band's performance.

Grateful We're Not Dead entertain

This year's theme was Country and Western and everyone was expected to bring a rope and write an original song to the tune of "Home On The Range". As always, Judy's invitation was in verse:

Saddle up your broncos and bring your lasso
The first of July is coming, y'all know what to do
Don't be a slowpoke, come here for some fun
A day of music, and fellowship, a day in the sun
The band will be coming, it will be a show with a twist
I hope you will come, it's a day not to be missed
So dig out your boots and your cowboy hat too
We are having a party, a Canada Day do
Country and Western is the theme of the day
But don't bring any horses - I'm all out of hay!!!

Judy also informed us that this would be the last year that she would be hosting the party for the street, but hopefully someone on the Court will step in to fill that gap - a very big gap. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Judy on behalf of the band for the great work she's done in organizing this party over the past few years. Kudos, Judy.

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the deputy

But onto the party.

As in past years, the food was great: BBQ ribs, beans and wieners, chili, coleslaw, quinoa salad, pulled pork on a bun, fresh fruit, cakes, ice cream, etc. People started eating when they arrived and didn't quit until they left.

Top cook, Bruno. Chowin' down Damn, these are good.

The reason we had to bring a rope was to make a lasso with which to rope a run-away hobby horse. The catch was that you had to do it from the back of a mechanical galloping horse which galloped faster each time you pulled on the reins. Now for some strange reason it was the women who seemed to excel at this task. I'm curious if this has something to do with their architecture and the design of the western saddle. Hmmm, there may be lyrics for a new Grateful We're Not Dead song in there somewhere.

Watch the boobs! Watch the boobs! Denroy execute a running dismount Don shows Nancy the ropes. Look ma, no hands. Heee Yaaa.

The original songs were many in number and great and were performed with gusto. I'd planned to have some samples on-line but dumbass that I am, I forgot to press the record button on the digital recorder, so you'll have to settle for pictures. More pics are available on my Flickr account.

Would you guess she's a dental hygenist? Pat and her  mother give it a go Audrey and Paul entertain and on

Of course, Grateful We're Not Dead contributed lyrics to the challenge in their own inimitable style:

Oh give me a home where the dust bunnies roam
And the mice and the cockroaches play
Where seldom is heard the sound of a bird
'Cause the felines have chased them away

Home. home under the range
Where the earwigs and silverfish play
Where seldom is heard the sound of a bird
'Cause the damn cats have chased them away

The street parties that have become common on the Court over the last few years have certainly brought the residents closer together. Quite frequently, when you live in a big city you never get to know your neighbours. But thanks to people like Judy Kingsbury, John and Barb Reid, Glenn and Dale Scanlan the people on Ariel Court get a chance to socialize throughout the year.

So now the next big party we're waiting for is John and Barb Reid's 3rd Annual End of Summer Pool and Hot Tub Bash. And Barb, if you invite Grateful We're Not Dead we promise to keep the volume down and the by-law officer away.

See y'all in the Fall.

And now I'll ride off into the sunset.

Tall in the saddle