The Sean Rasmussen Song

As some of you may know from the bombardment of emails, Plurks, Tweets and Facebook shares soliciting support, I've been involved in Sean Rasmussen's For A Few Dollars More Learn and Earn Internet Marketing competition for the last seven weeks. I've been meeting some interesting people and having a blast. I'll miss it when it's over tomorrow. Even Grateful We're Not Dead has been playing second fiddle to my attempts to score points.

One thing I considered early on was that I should write a theme song for the competition but that exercise fell by the wayside as I found myself unexpectedly climbing up the Leader Board. However, I did manage to scribble down a few lines and I'll post them on the Grateful We're Not Dead blog so I can find them in the event that Sean holds another competition that I can get involved in. So here goes:

The Sean Rasmussen Song

His name is Sean,
And he looks a lot like Clint
And he's making his money
On the Internet.
He'll show you how to do it
And it won't cost you a dime.
All you'll be investing
Is just a little time.

He's got bags and bags of money
And he's giving some away.
If you want to grab some of it
All you have to do is play.

Three Famous Black Hats
That's as far as I got before time ran out. A Facebook friend and fellow competitor, Jody Chambers, posted a few more lines on the Sean Rasmussen Talks Facebook fan page for me to work with. But like those little Post-It notes I mislaid them and now I'll have to try to work my way back through the posts to find them.

So if Sean holds another contest and I get involved, I'll have to finish this song right at the start and maybe Grateful We're Not Dead can do a basement recording in time to get it up on the 'net before the contest ends.

  • P.S. Sean, if you're watching did you notice I'm using some of those little on-page SEO tricks I learned from you?
  • P.S.S What in Hell rhymes with Rasmussen?
  • P.S.S.S This is not a typical Grateful We're Not Dead composition - no mention of beer, boobs or babes.
  • P.S.S.S.S And if you've got some free time, check out the Sean Rasmussen Fan Club