At Least Once Every Minute

Yesterday I was reading one of Allan Cockerill's blog postings, Is It Possible To Have An Affair Without Sex, which dealt with the question "Is it OK to have an affair online if it's minus the sex?". The first thing that came to my mind was how in hell do you have an affair online WITH the sex??? Is there something about social networking that I haven't discovered? Another item touched upon was a study that had determined that "men on average have 7 heterosexual relationships, and women have 4'. Now aside from the fact that the math seems a little strange, I'd like to know who's been getting my share. And is that per week, per month, per year or per lifetime?

This report that men were getting more than women made me think of the results of another "study" back in the Spring of 2006. It claimed that 'women think of sex once every two weeks whereas men think of sex every 58 seconds'. Now that could explain why the men referenced in the previous paragraph appear to be more active than the women but I'm just wondering if those extra three relationships are just "hand-delivered" with a lot of imagination.

I put the following little ditty together in 2006 to comment on the 58 second statistic and Wednesday evening, after a few beer and Diet Pepsi, Grateful We're Not Dead recorded it during a jam session.


At Least Once Every Minute

They say that women think of sex
Just once in every fortnight
But honey, if I come on strong
I don't want you to get up-tight
'Cause I'm a red-blooded normal man
And my head is really in it
And you know men think of sex
At least once every minute

At least once every minute
Something grabs my mind
More than my thoughts are rising
And things are hard you'll find
For me to listen to your complaints
'Cause my mind just isn't in it
And that's because men think of sex
At least once every minute

You say you want to cuddle
And could I hold you tight
All you want to do is snuggle
'Cause this ain't that bi-weekly night
Well honey, I have more on my mind
And I want to get in to it
And it's because men think of sex
At least once every minute

© Don White 2006