Ottawa Peace Festival

As a clear indicator of the versatility of the Grateful We’re Not Dead, last Thursday, September 27th, the group provided musical accompaniment to accomplished Ottawa poet, Evelyn Voigt. Evelyn was invited by the organizers of the Ottawa Peace Festival to deliver a preview performance of material she will be presenting at an Education for Peace Conference in Vancouver in November. The title of her presentation is The Emotional Impact of Peace Learning Through Performance Art.

Playing musical accompaniment for a poet is a touch out of the GWND’s past comfort zone … no Over Sixty Blues, no Boob Song... but the band had a great time doing so and the feedback was excellent.

On Sunday, September 30, Don, Bruce and Al entertained at the Circle of All Nations Peace Concert on Victoria Island on the Ottawa River. This was held in conjunction with the Peace Festival and presided over by 92 year old Grandfather William Commanda, the hereditary chief of the Algonquins. The Grateful We're Not Dead played two short sets which appeared to be thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd.

Bruce, Don and Al
Circle of All Nations Peace Concert

The band's final task in support of the Peace Festival was to provide accompaniment to Evelyn in an encore performance on Tuesday night, October 2, at the closing ceremonies of the Peace Festival.

These events certainly fell outside the normal venues for the band, but we did enjoy the challenges.

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