Not the 'Cover of the Rolling Stone' but...

Grateful We're Not Dead has finally achieved a modicum of international recognition. After posting Finally, Some Music (So To Speak) I returned a few hours later to see a comment added by Clay Eals, authour of Steve Goodman: Facing the Music, an 800 page biography of the late Steve Goodman. You can download the first chapter of Clay's book from his web site. The book looks to be a good read and can be purchased at the site's Online Store. The book is definitely going on my "must read" list.

The next morning I awoke to find out we had been featured in a blog article, Grateful We Are Not Dead And Loving It, by Allan Cockerill in Australia. Allan's blog is a worthwhile visit (especially since he thinks that Grateful We're Not Dead don't "sound all that bad") and I drop by on a regular basis. By the way Allan, is 'not sounding all that bad' synonymous with 'don't sound too damn good'? :-)

Anyway, as a result of Allan's article visits to this blog have skyrocketed. We've had t'ousands and t'ousands of visitors - at least 25. (That's 25 not 25,000 and according to Google Analytics, 40% of the visits have been by Search Engines. I guess those robots just love country music.)

Anyway, to wrap up this article I strongly suggest if you are a Steve Goodman fan that you drop by Clay Eals site and have a look at the first chapter of his book. And of course, for an interesting read, why not have Coffee With Allan Cockerill on a regular basis.


katieo said...

How can we contact you. I'm an OLD friend of Bruce and Marg - haven't seen them in 30 years but would love to get in touch.

Katie O.

Allan said...

:D Definitely not the cover of Rolling Stone, but...

How does pretty damn good sound...?

Cheers mate!


Don White said...

Katie O,

Just send me an email at and I'll forward it to Bruce so he'll have your email address.


Don White said...

G'day Allan,

You're too kind, eh?. :-) I hope you find a big increase in coffee visits from the t'ousands and t'ousands who pass through the GWND blog, eh?.

All the best my friend,