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On Saturday, August 22 Grateful We're Not Dead entertained at Five I's Farm near Drummond Centre in Lanark County. Seeing as it was a pleasant, sunny day we decided to have a few somewhat formal pictures of the band taken prior to our performance in the evening. Don's niece, Laurie Latham, agreed to act as photographer and we proceeded to pose at different locations in the farm yard. Following are some photos from the shoot.

Grateful We're Not Dead
Bruce, Gord, Don and Al wielding the instruments they play best.

GWND and Silverado
Bruce,Gord, Don and Al with their new found friend, Silverado.

Going To The Country
Bruce, Don, Gord and Al in front of the old maple sugar shack.
Maple sap is still boiled down into Maple Syrup
for the family in this building each Spring.

The Think Tank
Don emerges from the Think Tank with a new
Grateful We're Not Dead song
after many, many hours of meditation.

Bruce and the GWND Guitar
Bruce and the Grateful We're Not Dead guitar
which he built himself shortly after he retired.
Notice the inlay on the headstock, fingerboard and pick guard.
Beautiful work. And this is an impressive sounding guitar
which gets even better as it ages and is played.

Finally, I should mention that the refreshments at the party were fantastic. Pork, beef, beer, baked beans, corn on the cob, beer, salads, cheese, beer, rolls, desserts, etc. Did I mention the keg of beer? John and Tracy, please feel free to invite us to entertain anytime you decide to throw another party like that one. We'll be there in the shake a lamb's tail.

If any of you would like a closer look at the photos, you can find them on the Grateful We're Not Dead Flickr account.

See y'all later.

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