Who We Are

The Grateful We're Not Dead is a trio of musicians(???) (Gord Breedyk, Bruce Penniston and Don White) who enjoy performing outrageous and controversial songs as well as classic country and rock 'n roll. We operate out of Ottawa, Ontario. It's rumoured that we'll play for food and beer (but not necessarily in that order).

The group was originally formed in 1999 more as a joke than anything else. We all came together at monthly Music Nights held at Gord's condo. These gatherings had been going on since 1987 and Gord and Bruce had been involved since the get-go. Don, however, only joined the Music Night sing-a-longs in May of 1998. Once we realized that liked country music and other 'socially significant' songs the three of us would sit and jam on into the night and wee hours of the morning after all the other participants of Music Night had left. We then started doing some of our material at Music Night and the next thing we knew we were being invited to perform at various functions. Don's son, Jeff, suggested that owing to our ages (all seniors) we should call ourselves the Grateful We're Not Dead and thus the group was born.

And of course, being a 21st century group, we have a presence on Facebook:

Grateful We're Not Dead Facebook Group. Come and join us.

and a web site:

Grateful We're Not Dead Web Site.

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